How do you study?!

I’m currently trying to study for a test by reading my textbook but I was wondering if any of you have a different or simpler way of going about studying. I have trouble retaining information from only reading it so it’s a bit agitating. What bothers me most about this course is that my professor does not provide any classwork to help us apply what we learn so we could grasp a better understanding of the material. I don’t use flashcards because I can’t pass the coarse with memorizing definitions so I actually need to understand how everything works and how everything connects with each other if that makes sense. So what’s your way of studying from a textbook?


hm it depends on the subject bc you could see if there are practice questions online? you could also write out notes (doesn’t need to be cue cards) but important info that you’re reading can be better consolidated into your memory when writing it out!

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I’ll try out the cue cards. I’ve tried to find practice questions online but wasn’t really lucky. Thank you!

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So suppose I gotta learn lesson 1, the process’s pretty simple
You read the lesson once or twice in “extreme detail” and then keep on “rote learning” afterwards

I don’t really have to study except for math :woozy_face:

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Here’s what I do:

  • Read the headings
  • Pay extra attention to any bolded words/phrases in the readings
  • Read the first and last sentence of each paragraph (and skim over the body of the paragraph)

This way I retain more info and “read” less! I also tend to outline my notes based on the headings/subheadings in the textbook.

Additionally, to prepare for assessments:

  • Try the questions at the end of each chapter (if there are any)
  • Try to find practice tests
  • For learning terms, you can use Quizlet (it’s been really helpful for me – but you mentioned that your course isn’t about memorizing definitions, so it’s up to you if you want to use this or not)
  • Perhaps try explaining the info you’re studying to someone? By “teaching” it to a friend or family member, you can generally see whether or not you have a good grasp on the info.
  • Make sure to take note of concepts you struggled the most with so that you can spent extra time reviewing them!

Good luck in your class :))


Quizlet hasn’t been much help to me in this course and I can’t find any practice tests but I will definitely try the other tips! Thank you, I really appreciate this! :relaxed:

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Read your material once and while reading it underline important points. Then read the material again but only the lines you have underlined. This is just for here and there studying.

If you wanna study before a test. Read the chapter twice, every single line. Ask your seniors if they have a few notes or pointers of the chapter of when they were in your grade.
After all this, go to the mirror and explain the chapter as you would to someone else.

Then write down the points that you felt were hard to remember. Revise that one last time. And go to bed

Wake up 2-3 before the test and skim through the material and revise the points written.

AND BOOM! write that exam!

This is how I do it but…find smtg that suits you and best of luckkk :sparkles:

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I use quizlet. Quizlet helped me out a lot!
Sometimes, I use YouTube. I look up the lessons on YouTube and study off of there. Usually writing lessons out in a notebook. I recommend the website Wyzant for any problems. You can ask any question on Wyzant and a tutor would reply back to you for help. It’s free!

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read out your textbook out loud, over and over again. for me, that helps me remember things.
think about what happened in class and how it connects to what you’re reading.
write out your textbook.

i hope this help you lol <3

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Thank you, hun! Love your pfp :relaxed:

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Well you can start with topic by topic highlighting each topic and jotting down some notes. You don’t read to cram you read to understand. Each topic after you have read the definition of that topic in your textbook make sure you define it in your own words and with that you are good to go.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL- that’s literally me :joy::joy::weary:

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Twinz :sunglasses:

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I think your study style is better than mine:
Mine is someone that studies that everyone is asleeps and I just creeping around or tiptoed out to the close door to study at 3 am and when I carefully open the creak door to avoid someone who’s asleep and then they just…, seem to woke up and say what are you doing trying to wake us up? :sob:
Im an early night owl, I just study in early time. Hehe…

I just don’t study because I’m built different :sunglasses: :smiling_imp:


Well, I don’t know in which class you are but when I was in highschool (and depends on what class you have), for example when I was doing mathematics I was going on the web, typing the type of exercise that I don’t understand and I was doing a lot of exercise over and over again and also, I was giving myself a note /20! Try it, maybe it will help you.

cries in I-tried-to-find-study-guides-online-for-this-chapter-but-couldn’t

Thank you for commenting tho :sweat_smile: :relaxed:, I’ll be considering this method for other classes.

I just rewrite my notes, it’s basic but it helps pick up the info as you go.

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