How do you tally up your points for the point choices?

I have a question how do you guys track your points for the point system, to be able to tell the readers how many points they could have gotten at the end of the episode, do you go off of every choice or do you only go by the higher choice?


You mean gems💎 and read?

Just click on tap ( View Story Stats) and after that go down in View Story Stats you will find out (View Dashboard ) and click and you will go in that.

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I count the highest possible points for my story at the end of every episode.
Then, the value carries over and I’ll add in the maximum number of points obtainable by the next episode and that’s the point count for the next episode.
But when your points start to intersect (meaning under a normal playthrough, you wouldn’t be able to obtain both points at the same time) things get tricky,

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