How do you teach yourself to draw digital art and what apps do you use?

I see beautiful covers everywhere and I was wondering how they teach themselves that and what draw apps do you use?


Personnally I use procreate and an ipad with the apple pencil.

There’s no real secret when it comes to art : practice is the key. The more you draw the better you get. Here are some other tips to improve on drawing :

  • Watch tutorials, either on youtube, or pinterest where you can find a lot of them. Specifics tutorials on how to draw specific stuff (eyes, lips, hands, whatever), or tutorials on colour theory, or how to use your app.
  • Use references. Drawing is mostly observing. So if you want to draw a character sitting, look at pictures of people sitting. You draw while observing those pictures. But…
  • … DO NOT trace. I mean, you can technically sometimes if it’s to help you understand shapes a little better, but try not to. You won’t progress very fast if you trace all the time, and it’s usually painfully obvious when one does as it usually doesn’t look very good.
  • Practice, practice and practice. Making a lot of art (and a lot of BAD art) is how you learn. Litteraly no one starts by making gorgeous art, it’s always ugly at first, but don’t get discouraged, because as long as you keep doing it and trying things, you’ll always grow as an artist.

Sorry if the answer is a bit long, hope it helped (:


Person above is correct. I’d also suggest longer courses, in addition to tutorials. Try courses on udemy or youtube or artstation learning. Longer courses help address basics and adaptable skills since some tutorials are not very detailed (skip steps) or too specific for general learning. It can be hard to stay motivated and practice, but practicing and doing studies of specific things is good (as I keep telling myself :smiling_face_with_tear:)

Try your best and you will get better everyday, even if you don’t notice it at first! Good luck ~

I use ClipStudio Paint. It’s pretty cheap compared to others, but if you have apple–then sketchbook is free and procreate is available as well.

Most importantly, if you’re “just beginning” draw what you like, that’ll naturally help you to practice and practice more often.

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I draw in Procreate but it is paid and only works with IOS
I can advise Ibis Paint X or Infinity Painter
They are free and suitable for Android and IOS.
I buy courses from Russian artists and go through them with the support of a teacher, they help me develop my technique and correct mistakes.
For an initial study, I would advise you to learn the basics of drawing: what light and shadow look like, perspective, the construction of the human body, etc.
There are a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube, just enter let’s say how to draw eyes by construction and you will get a lot of lessons.
But the most important part, of course, is practice, you practice more, choose brushes that are comfortable for you, develop your own drawing technique

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I use Ibis paint x right now, but I’m switching to Clipstudio paint since Ibis paint x doesn’t feel right for me, I have android so procreate isn’t an option but I’m positive with drawing a lot you can achieve the same just with an another painting/drawing app

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Oh yes, I highly recommend it. I’ve never used procreate myself. The software that works for you is the best one. Specific software isn’t important at all. None of the artists I’ve studied use procreate, it’s the person behind the pen (cringy-sounding, but true). Same with drawing tablets.



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