How do you transfer a background from PicMonkey to Upload a Background?


I have problems. I want to upload a background that I made from PicMonkey to The Art Catalog section but I can’t. I used the size, 640x1136 but it said it was too short. I used Snipping Tool but it stiill said it was too short. I don’t have premium so I can’t upload it straight away, how can I upload it to do the correct size? (Sorry, I am terrible at explaining.)

If you can resize this:

So it will be 640x1136, I would really appreciate it.

Here you go! I used to format it.

I also checked in the portal to see if it would upload and it works fine for me :slight_smile: .

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I would recommend
Tutorial on how to use it, since it is a tad complicated:

  • Click browse – and upload your image.
  • In the hotbar above, click “Edit” (this will open up a drop down menu).
  • In the drop down menu, near the bottom, click “Resize Image”.
  • Enter your parameters, (in this case, it would be 640x1136).
  • Click resize image.

And, there you have it :blush:


Thank you!

…It didn’t work?

It didn’t work. :sob:

How are you uploading it? I downloaded the picture I sent you and uploaded it perfectly fine, so it should work for you, too.

You can resize the picture in
If you want to resize it you have to not keep proportions

Moved to Art Resources. :wink: