How do you turn music off without it preventing you from from playing music later in the story?


Whenever I turn the music off, if I try to play a song later, it won’t play.


can we see your full script? because it shouldn’t prevent you unless you have music playing right after you took it out.


Unfortunately I deleted all that stuff I typed before, but it wasn’t an immediate stop, it was a fade. Maybe this thread is useless now that I can’t explain it well enough. Sorry. :confused:


Just go to previous revisions on the bottom left and copy it from there :slight_smile:


Meh, I don’t feel like scrolling through all that, lol. I think I’ll just play around and try to resolve the issue on my own. Thanks so much for your help though! :slight_smile:


No prob <3


Well to turn music off you type music off.
But that shouldn’t prevent you from adding another music after, especially a sound (which turns off by sound off). Maybe there is something wrong with your browser or the writer portal? Did you try to reload the page?


You can modify the sound/music volume using this command:

volume music volume (scale in 0-100) duration to appear/fade (in milliseconds)

e.g. volume music 0 0

Don’t forget to modify the volume in the next line you need: volume music 100 0
Hope it works. :slightly_smiling_face: