How do you use spot directing to pan into a different zone?

I’ve tried this command in 10 different formats and none of them seem to work. If anyone could help that would be amazing <3

@zoom on 563 355 to 299% in zone 2 in 3 using easebackin and JALEN is idle_read_book

#Use something like:

&cut to zone 2
&JALEN is idle_read_book
@zoom on 563 355 to 299% in 3 using easebackin

#You can’t use “in zone #” where # is a number with a zoom command.

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The code I gave you is for if you cut. To pan and zoom at the same time, you can use this method I linked below when panning and zooming to another zone:

Can keep this trick in mind :sunflower: and good luck with your story :dizzy:

Thank you so much!!

Np :+1: