How do you use text overlay to give characters points

The title pretty explains it :heart:


I honestly wanna know about character points too

Same because I have text overlay I just want to learn how to do it lol.

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Sorry, I can totally help but I’m a bit confused? What do you mean? Do you mean like clicking on a text and doing so would give points?

No ok so like you know when you read a story and you can get a good point. That’s what I mean but I want to let them know they got a point by using text overlays…

When the MC makes a choice that would result in a good point the overlay should fade in and then fade out. For example:
“Return the purse” {
@GOOD +2 (make sure there’s a character named GOOD in your story for this to work. this is because points are added to characters)

@overlay GOOD FONT create
@overlay GOOD FONT opacity 1 in 1.6
I will return this purse.
@overlay GOOD FONT opacity 0 in 0

} “Steal the purse” {

I will steal this purse.

Thank you :heart:

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