How do you use the if/else/then command? When is it a good time to use it?

Hi friends! Surprisingly I didn’t see anyone talking about this here on the Forums that I know of. So, I’m currently writing a new story and in the story the reader customizes the MC’s hairstyle and lipstick. I don’t know how to use the if/else/then command and I’m not sure if it will help the script remember the MC’s new hairstyle and lipstick color. How do you do this and is it okay to use the command here?

@Dara.Amarie has amazing guides for stuff like this on her website with templates too😊

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I remember seeing it on her website but I looked and it’s not there unless I’m looking at the wrong place. Right now, I’m currently looking at the LL hairstyle and lipstick script template - I swear I saw it there, lol.

for example this thread, besides website:

and if you type in search “if/else” there will be also many threads about it, also solving the issues that may help ;3 - for if/else/elif

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Thank you so much! The links are very helpful! :heart:

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