How do you use the points system

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I have never used the character points in a story before and doesn’t really know how it works… can anyone possibly explain it :weary:

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its actually pretty simple,

this is the code for adding and removeing. number can be any

@NAME +1
@NAME -1

this one equel, meaning they will have the number as their point total

@NAME =1

it just need to be a character, but for example in my story you collect influnce point, but I use MC to collect them

@MC +1
readerMessage influnce +1

to use its, it either is less greater or euqel.

if (MC= 1) {

this is the equel, meaning only if you got this amount you can continuie

elif (MC> 1) {

this is greater, meaning have more then the points it says

elif (MC< 1) {
this is less if you have then the amount of points



Oh thanks for the explanation :relaxed: Much clearer now :heart_eyes:

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Happy to help

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