How Do You Want To See A Language To Be Translated By? (POLL)

I will be having some languages in my story. So, how do you want to see the translation?


  • Reader Message
  • Narration Box
  • Doesn’t Matter

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Alright, Readers Message is in the leade. KEEP VOTING! :heavy_check_mark:

i dont like the narration box. but i have often seen the reader message is to slow



Reader messages would be the best option for translations since narrator boxes can potentially slow down the story.


Honestly, I am not going to lie; I despise both of those. The reader message distracts me from both the characters and the original dialogue itself. If it lasted longer, I would tolerate it, but I am a slow reader for plenty of reasons, so I am usually paying attention to speech bubbles and narrations. Imagine that you put a translation over there that lasts 5-6 seconds for a reader like me. Not a chance I will manage to read that. And if I do, then I will probably miss the character’s animation.

Narration boxes just slow down the story and it prevents conversations from sounding natural, in my opinion, so I dislike that too.

I am currently working on a story which has some dialogue in Spanish. Not much, but it is there, and since I hate both these options, I decided to resort to gains and all that shit. A simple warning and a question: “there will some dialogue in Spanish in this story. Do you understand this language or would you rather read the whole story in English?”

I have to make each scene in a different language twice, but it is what I prefer as a reader in this platform.

EDIT: Of course, in my example, if readers choose English, I would put a reader message to remind them that the scene in question is originally in another language.


same but French.

My thoughts exactly :raised_hands: Even though I don’t speak any other languages and would need some kind of translation regardless, both the narration bubbles and the reader messages don’t feel quite right for the job


if Episode did had something that would fit the job, it would be perfect for translation.


Narration boxes will take much more time while reading the story, but I think it is better than missing something important. :thinking:
Episode definitely needs a new type of box for translations. It can also encourage people who are not native, like me, to translate their script into their own language. So, the game might reach much more people around the world.


Totally agree.

Maybe you could type the language in a speech bubble, then add the English translation in parentheses. Like this: watashi wa Zelda desu (I am Zelda.)

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That makes sense.

I don’t like readers messages because, similarly, it’s distracting.

However, I haven’t see it in a narration box yet.

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