How do you write a good slow burn romance story?

Hey, Im writing my first story rn and i just wanted to know your opinions or suggestions on how to write romanctic scenes and how to successfully make a slow burn romance story.

I think it depends on the dynamic between the MC and LI. Like if they were boss/subordinate, friends, enemies etc.
For the professional LI and their client MC, I’d say keep like 80% of their interactions neutral/professional adding in a few cute moments that aren’t necessarily “romantic” in nature. Just to warm people up to the characters the slowly over several more episodes to add in a few more cute moments and then move to slightly romantic then to a big romantic gesture or even just an admission of feelings .
I feel like that moves slow enough but don’t drag on and the “cute” moments warm the reader to the idea of there being more.

For enemies -to- lovers: For the first several episodes, make it clear that they are not in any way friendly then start chipping away the “barriers” between them (late night confession, a secret because one witnessed something involving the other, etc) then add in the cute to slightly romantic to romantic.

For friends, prove that they are friends and not just people who know each other. Add in some “inside jokes” and friend helping friend type moments and move on from there.

I think the key is to not make every interaction into a “they’re gonna be together” moment. Let it build. Give fleeting moments instead of huge gestures for the first several episodes then build up to the admission of love/feelings.


I think there’s a thin line between making it drag on and being a slow burn, but it’s definitely doable! I recommend at least having one moment/scene in every chapter that almost feels like they’re about to get together but don’t. Adding longing stares, brief touches, and moments where there’s plenty of tension. Narrative descriptions of how one character feels really help. That way you know how much the character wants the other. It builds the slow burn because the other character doesn’t know, but the reader is on the edge of their seat, waiting for them to say it out loud!

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I think this thread has some really good tips for writing in general! There isn’t a lot directly underneath slow burns but it does have some other tips that might help! (Such as writing ship-able relationships)

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