How do you write without worrying about reads?

That’s true. From personal experience, it took about 4 months to get my first fanmail of “hi” from some anonymous person.

But like @Lizard said, sometimes you do have to ask for feedback

I have the same issue, I still keep writing because I like my story. But I sometimes worry no one else does, hence the small amount of reads. I even made a thread about ending it not too long ago. What really sucks is I have other ideas and stories in mind to write but I don’t want to write if no will read them. My current story will probably be the only one I write.

I have, got people saying they would but nothing’s happened. I try to think that they probably have so many other stories to read on their list they haven’t gotten to mine yet. But it’s difficult to stay positive about everything.

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Honestly, that probably is the case for a lot of people, having a lot of stories in their reading list. But maybe some of the other ideas in this thread will help you until you get feedback?

Or even maybe working on those other story ideas could help you out too. You might publish a new story that people like and that could then also help your original story get more reads?

I guess so

@imaginarywinter I don’t compare myself to others because though I’m a writer and author I standout from the rest by being me. Try not to compare yourself to others. There will always be something unique about you that will make you stand out from others no matter how big or small the author is. I also remind myself that it’s not about how many story reads I obtain but about how many others I can both inspire and motivate with the gift I have been blessed with. How many lives I’m able to change through writing. I write because of it’s my passion. Also, you will obtain fans who motivate you to keep writing. I only have 230 something story reads despite being told my story deserves way more reads then it has received. While others see story reads I see people who I am either inspiring or raising some type of awareness to so that motivates me to keep writing no matter how big or small my story reads are.


@Dmfan91 I want to read your story and if I say I’m going to read it I will read it. After reading it, I’ll even leave you fan mail. I think as authors, it’s important that we support and keep each other motivated. You don’t have to read my story if you don’t want to but if you do, my story is called “Fame Or Love.” It’s about a young struggling artist who faces hardships, misfortunes, and adversaries while pursuing her dreams as an artist. She travels to a million dollar recording company to pursue her dreams only to find out she is later forced to make a sacrifice between fame and love. The storyline focuses on diversity and real-life experiences that people endure while pursuing fame and love.

I look forward to reading your story.


Thank you, I’ll give your story a try as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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What’s the name of your story? Also, you’re welcome.

It’s called Some Sort of Drama by me Dmodefan91

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Okay, I’m going to check it out and once I’m done I’ll leave you some feedback on your fan mail page.

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Thanks, I appreciate that :relaxed:

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Jesus what hurts the most is when you’re #5 on trending, you reload the page and you’re #567 trending. :laughing:

@Dmfan91 Omg, I’m on episode 7 and this story is so well written that I can’t stop reading each chapter. Do you have Instagram so I can follow you and give your story a shoutout? I want to recommend this story and will have posted this post on my Instagram. I have so much to feedback to give you on this story. I understand that this is listed in Comedy but it deserves to be in drama. Please keep writing I plan on recommending this story on my Episode page. I hope you like my story as well.

No, I just recently took down my Instagram account. But thank you so much!! :heart::relaxed:

I finished reading it and recommended your story from my Instagram and episode page. My username on Instagram is @giftedwrites if you want to see it. I also added it to my favorites on episode. I’m about to leave you some feedback right now. I really enjoyed your story it was worth reading.

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hey is this saasha? iam nisha

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Thank you so much!

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Hey , sorry but I know many Nisha. Which one are you ?