How do you write?


Hello, I’ve been meaning to ask this a long time ago.

I’ve heard people that write chapters without directing or animations, just lines of people talking. And then when they’re finished with the whole chapter, they add the directing/animations. Other people, write and direct the scene at the same time, so they don’t add directing/animations to the chapter later.

Which one do you do and why? Which one do you think is the most efficient way to get a chapter done? Do you have a better way?

Thank you! :blush:


I do just a scene at a time then edit the script after! It is the best way for me.


I personally prefer to write dialgoue at the same time I write the animations/directing because then I can picture things better. Although if I ever don’t have my computer, I write down any speech that comes into my head so I don’t forget it. Then add it in later. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did it the first way you mentioned when I was starting out, because I couldn’t remember the names of animations. But now that I have more experience and know the names of animations and commands, I do it all at once as I go through


I preferrably just do my dialogue along with animation and other stuff all together, so when I’m done I dont have to go back , Why , because I’m done


I make everything in mind , like a movie , with their actions ,zooms . Kinda like writing it somewhere (by the 1st way) and then make it on ma phone , after completing basic things , like spot directing , I go on writer portal and edit it (zoom, overlays and other things)
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Omg, this is exactly what I do. I always plan an scene in my head and then I write it. I thought I was the only one. :joy::joy:


I go along bit by bit, so when I want someone to speak, I add the animation and everything! I recommend watching Joseph Evans’ videos on youtube because his videos are v good at teaching how to write!!


And I thought I was only one too😓 glad I am not🙃