How do you zoom the camera while the characters are walking?

I need help zooming the camera while the character is walking how do I do that???

It depends on what you mean.
If you want it to look like their walking and have the camera follow them but more zoomed in, you would zoom in first using the & then have that character walk to the desired point also using &.

Or have it pan to the zone you want to go to while you zoom in and walk. If that makes sense?
It all depends on how fast you want it to happen


&CHARACTER walks to spot POSITION in T and zoom on x y to s in T

T= Time - both ‘T’ has to be the same amount of time for example:

&CHARACTER walks to spot POSITION in 1.3 and zoom on x y to s in 1.3

If you want the characters to move zones then code it like this instead:

&CHARACTER walks to spot POSITION in 1.3 and pan to zone 2 in 1.3

I think there’s an easier way to do this but I never really got it so this is how I usually code it. Hope this helps!

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Thank you!!!

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