How doe we give and receive props in limelight

I know that there are some animations for ink on how to give and receive some props but how an I do that with the limelight. (Did I just miss the animation while I was looking for it)
Even if there isn’t an animation for this can someone please give me a different animation that I can use to make the character give a cup of coffee to another character?

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PROPS: how to use them here you go! <3

Hi I know how to use the props I just needed help finding the right animation in limelight to give and receive a coffee cup

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They have an animation called take_object_neutral, Is that what you’re looking for?

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Thanks i’ll use it
Is there an animation to give?


I’m not sure because I don’t write in LL, but you can always click on Art catalog then click Animations and it will be a full list of them.

Or you can use that animation for give and take

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Thanks i’ll have a look :blush:

  • pickup_object_neutral
  • return_object_neutral
  • take_object_neutral

Thank you so much
You saved me a lot of time :blush:

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