How does a user story get picked to be featured on a shelf?


Does anyone know how Episode chooses user stories to be featured on the shelves? What do they base their choices for stories on/how does it work?


Fit to the theme and most recommendation on the IG post.


What IG post? Like on episide’s page?


Yes on @episodecreaters


It has to go outrageously against Episode’s guidelines and/or it has to be incredibly badly written and cliché. Sometimes Episode makes a few mistakes and actually lets a few great stories on the featured shelves but as long as your story is very popular amongst certain teens thirsty for horrendous (specifically sexual) content, you have a good chance at ending up there. Bonus points for writing your story on Wattpad first and selling it to Episode when they take notice of its popularity.

Haha, sorry, I’m still aggravated about “It Starts With A Bra” :sweat_smile: But oh how I wish what I just wrote wasn’t so accurate.


She’s talking about the shelves they do that feature user stories, not Official Episode stories


Oh right, thank you for pointing that out! Well, looking back at my post I think it’s still pretty accurate. It’s about popularity, outrageous content (remember when they had the “Bad Boy” shelf?) fit for a specific teenage audience, cliché stories, and a few gems once in a while :blush: Whether it’s Episode official stories, trending user stories, or some of the themed shelves (depending on the theme), this often seems to be the pattern.


Sorry, but I have to disagree with you.
I don’t think that for a user story to be featured it has to go “outrageously against Episode guidelines/incredibly badly written”. I find most of the user stories that get a place on the user self are much more creative and written a lot better than the official episode stories.

And I’m pretty sure it’s what @TheTurtleTrainer said; they get a lot of suggestions on their insta.


No problem :blush: As I said, it depends on the theme of the shelf and I also said twice that there are a few gems featured on there once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the user featured shelves are there, I’ve read quite a few great stories thanks to them. But there are also a lot of truly terrible ones. I don’t think we’re really disagreeing with each other but one of us points out the positive more and the other points out the negative more.

Yes, I know (:


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