How does co writing work!? please help

ok so im planning on cowriting with someone but how does it work exactly do you both write on the same account? im just very confused to be honest

For Me so far it’s hasn’t worked for me I have been trying to co write with my partner for years and it’s not working we disagree a lot and she’s not serious

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ok thank you for the feed back :blush:

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For myself, we made a new Gmail and created a whole new account to write on. We’re in different time zones so there was never really too much of an overlap

For me at first we just wrote dialogue back and forth for her story but over time we decided to make a new gmail account together so we can work on co owned stories but after a while it started to drag and she started to get demanding (we still work together because some of the stories we’re writing I really like) but I recommend:

•working with a writing partner for only one story and either add another writing partner to your group for another story or finding a hole new writing partner

•find someone with the same time zone as you or really close to your time zone

•Find someone who is committed and doesn’t flake
°But if you really like the person or/and they have a good reason for flaking then work with them and understand why they flaked

•If you don’t like there ideas tell them(nicely) and come to a middle ground or find a compromise

Thank you for the feedback, Yesterday I finally got a writing partner and we made a way for us to work our way round this :smile:

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Thanks! this helps a lot.