How does EA works?

Hi, I have a few questions about EA if I for instance load episode 30 (separately) then 31 but add EA to episode 31 does it only add the EA to 31 or to 30 too?

Secondly, EA last for 7 days, What about if I want to load a next episode before the 7days is over?

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If you upload 30 without ea and then 31 with ea then only 31 will have it

And the readers who spent gems to access 31 will then be able to read your next chapter as soon as you upload and as for the others who didn’t use the ea they would have to wait for the ea on 31 to be over before they can read the next chapter

Hope that made sense (:

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Thanks so much :blush:

This is from the official EA thread, I hope this info gives more clarity if you need it. (:

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