How does it affect you? Just wondering 🤔

Hey guys, Isabella here!
I hope you all are safe and happy. :hugs::hugs:

Well yesterday I had to write an essay on how was my days and my experience of this lockdown you know.
So I just felt asking everyone in this community,
And if the lockdown or quarantine is still going on at your place how does it affect you and your regular lives? Just wondering if you would like to share your good, bad, fun and many different experiences !
No pressure just if you have stress or wanna share feel free :hugs::heart:

And if someone feels uneasy to disclose their things you can just pm me anytime… I’m a great listener :blob_hearts:

How did lockdown affect me?

Well well, my lockdown was a total bullshit :roll_eyes:
Yeah I mean it because I have had VERY BAD experiences.
So things I did in lockdown are:

  • Workout and Health
    This was the BEST BEST BESTEST ever thing happened in lockdown to me. Because in regular days I used to have no time for yoga or workout that I do now and am more slimmer and fitter in lockdown :partying_face:

  • Forums
    Another bestest thing happened in lockdown is I joined episode forums and met many great and lovely people, I started helping people with my art, I started a story but soon left it because you know online classes are just headache :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  • Break up
    Well this is the worst thing, breakups are never great unless you yourself break up :joy:
    But yeah back to topic, I had a break up and that was the saddest thing happened in lockdown because this was really the best relationship I ever had well I just had 1 toxic kind of relationship before :roll_eyes:.


  • Stress
    This is I know, would be everyone’s issue, isn’t it? Like me being a student, online class and projects stuff and also family problems were a huge stress for me these days, you would have your own issues.

So this was basically the important things I did in lockdown or basically this is how lockdown affected TORTURED me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. If I say how these days changed me I have become more calmer, I am becoming a nerd lol :joy: and also it made me fit and motivated that I should never give up :muscle:

Please do share your good and bad moments that changed you in some way or other. And if u don’t feel like sharing everyone, I’m always here to pm :heart::heart:
Thank you so much, keep the thread alive!!! :heart:


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Mine was let’s just say kinda like a rollercoaster, lots of ups and downs. I started off with three best friends and I was decently happy not that great tho, then me and my two best friends relationship got toxic I confronted them they didn’t have anything to say so I stopped talking to them. After this I wouldn’t leave my bed for days, yep I was really dependent on them (which was bad on my part) so I was really sad and just didn’t see the point of getting up, this lasted for months and it got pretty bad, worst thing was my family barely noticed and I only had one more friend who tends to be quite busy. So I went through those months alone. I then started to get a bit better and began to explore my true identity (which I’m still doing) I realized I was bisexual :rainbow_flag::partying_face: I started to come out to few people but I’m still not out most people. I joined forums and met so many wonderful people and I started working on my story Secrets, then discovered I’m not that bad at art (which I’ve always loved and wished I could do). Things weren’t looking so bad but things started to go downhill again I started barely eating and binge eating but mainly barely eating. I started to get sad again but I pulled myself outta of that dark space again. I’m eating better now and don’t completely hate my body. I actually ate breakfast for the first time in a while (on my own) today! And I had started talking to a girl I really liked but I ended up getting hurt in the end so I kinda don’t wanna trust anyone ever again because I’m terrified to open up to people but I guess we will see how that ends. I’m not doing that bad I haven’t cried in a lil while so I guess I’m alright,


Ohhhh so proud of you :pleading_face::pleading_face:
You are no less worthy than anyone else!
I know it sucks getting backstabbed and hurt by everyone but just be sure you are what makes you strong and believe in yourself… I had have night without eating and it feels real HELL so don’t just give up! YOU’RE WORTH IT. You have the right to live your life and you do that…people are backstabbers, not all of course but yes many are!
But I won’t ever backstab you for sure so we can be great friends :blob_hearts:


I feel like quarantine is affecting everyone for the worst, at least in the USA. Firstly, the whole mask debate is turning into a civil war. I’m not saying my particular stance on the matter to avoid upsetting one side, but it is a sensitive topic for sure. People who wear masks — at least 99% of them — will verbally attack people who don’t wear masks regardless of their reasoning. I don’t want to group these people into a large group, but it’s what I’ve gathered.

This is a very sensitive topic to me as my mom is medically excused. She really has trouble breathing and my mom isn’t in the best of health either. Her job fired her because she couldn’t wear a mask regardless of the medical excuse. This was very upsetting to me and as much as I don’t really talk to my mom anymore, it still hurts that this happened.

Aside from the whole mask debate, there are obviously other things going on in the world, but I don’t want to bring too much negativity into this topic. I hope everyone is doing well in general.

I’ve been doing well. I’ve just been working pretty much.


Thanks that means a lot!


That’s bad… People should atleast listen. Anyways I really wish your mom would get better soon and I pray for it. And you too remain safe and happy always :blob_hearts:


My pleasure :heart:


I believe that lockdown has been quite refreshing and really put things into perspective for me, particularly mental health wise. We’ve just been put back under lockdown here in the Uk, excluding schools. Lockdown had its’ benefits and I surprisingly wouldn’t mind another full one - ignoring the economical and social factors.

I got an incredible amount of work (and hobbies) done during lockdown which I wouldn’t be able to do during my regular schedule.

The only issue was when my WiFi router had issues and I couldn’t complete any work or notify anyone since the cell signal in my area is not the best. :eyes:


I won’t reply bcz i couldn’t read the full thread :roll_eyes:


Mine was… alright so far. After ending 2 toxic friendships in May, getting a new phone, growing stronger bonds with old friends, messing around, and having trashy wifi issues; I think this lockdown changed me for a better person generally. I am no longer rude, inconsiderate, etc. (like I was before), but now I just spend most of my time writing, going out on walks, spamming my rl friends, and just having pure fun. B)


I’m not gonna go into detail, but I’ll just say that it wasn’t great. It wasn’t great. And I’m still technically in quarantine, because death rates due to the virus in my state are increasing, so… Yeah, not fun. 2020 sucks.


My lockdown was very boring. When it first started, I of course, couldn’t do anything. I already didn’t do much before, but it sucked that I couldn’t simply do a hobby I liked.

Now, I’m not in quarantine anymore, but I have to wear a mask everywhere I go. When I wear a mask for a long period of time, it gets hard to breathe. I make sure to wear it, though, and distance myself because it is very terrible what is happening right now. I’d say the lockdown effected me in an overall negative experience because I couldn’t visit the relatives I wanted, etc.

I hope the virus goes away sometime in 2021, and everyone is safer. :two_hearts:


Wifi just sucks! It still does my goodness.
I couldn’t do a single thing not even can load google sometimes and feel like throwing my phone from the 7th storey apartment I live in :pleading_face:


Lazy butt :roll_eyes:


That was intense… Toxic relationships are very hurting! But I’m proud that you’re so strong :heart:
And it’s nice as long as you got to understand many new things :blob_hearts:


2020 is honestly the worst year right!
Yeah it’s lockdown here at my place again but luckily atleast my school is gonna reopen making me really have some fun with friends :blob_hearts:


Yeahhhhhh I swear if it doesn’t go, the quarantine thing would kill me for sure :pleading_face::sweat_smile:
So boring it is to stay at home and unable to meet anyone :roll_eyes:


I’m back in school, and I’m trying to be less active on the forums since I’ve been hearing my name in mouths of people I don’t even associate with. :woman_facepalming:t4:
But on a brighter note, lockdown was good for me, both my parents were able to continue to work and none of us caught rona.


That’s great none of you caught Corona. It is horrible. And I hope all of you just stay safe always :blob_hearts:

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