How does limited customization work?


I see a lot of stories where the reader is allowed to customize a character but it’s limited, meaning that the reader could only customize certain things like hair styles or face shapes, etc…
I’m currently in the process of writing a story titled ‘Forbidden Love’ & I want the readers to be given the chance to slightly customize two of the main characters, meaning that I want the CC to be limited since their looks are still very essential to the story + I don’t want the characters to look too different from their family members.
The only problem is I don’t exactly know how limited CC works :confused: help?


You just do the customization template copy and paste on your script and delete what you want not to be avaliable hope that makes sense some how.


If you tell me what you want I can make you the template


You remove the parts from the customization template that you don’t want-example if your MC is supposed to have blue hair and you don’t want the reader to be able to change that feature then you’d delete the hair color options and remove all that is associated with it. Heck, this was hard for me at first, but I got the hang of it. I know you can do it and if you ever need help, we are here for you :blue_heart:


Ugh…I already tried that. Everytime I try to delete what I don’t want, there’s an error about an ‘unexpected block’. :tired_face:


You need to remove the labels too, since some of them will not exist anymore.


If you need help I would give you the advice to do what @MadisonW said and Tell her what you want and she could help with the script if she’s still interested :slight_smile:


Really? That would be sooo helpful, tysm :heartpulse:

But anyways, I would only like for the reader to be able to customize the character’s hair style, lip shape, face shape, eye shape, & eyebrow shape. Hopefully that’s not to confusing. :sweat_smile:


Of course! I will give it to you soon!


If you want, you can PM the customization template and I will remove the ones you don’t need (I’m kinda new to the forums so I’m not sure if I can do this lol) -ONLY if you want. if you’re not comfortable, I completely understand!


It’s fine I got it all, I’ve done it for my story.


Cool :sunglasses:


What about Nose shape?


Oh yeah, that too. I forgot to include that :sweat_smile:




Here it is! If anything is wrong let me know and I can fix it! Limited Customization


Should of asked you this before, is it INK or LL? The one I Made is in INK…


It’s in ink so it’s fine :slight_smile:


Also, TYSM again :heartpulse:

This is literally so helpful!


No problem!