How does limited customization work?


Ty!! It all worked perfectly, you just forgot a branch but I already put it! :joy: It’s okay, I just had to type in “}” to close a choice :smile:


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So I was trying to look up slight customization templates but none came up. I am just asking and if you can not do this no worries… would you be willing to make me a template.


@Dara.AmarieAlready Created The Thread! Here It Is!
LIMITED Character Customization Templates & WORKSHOP!


So one question…whenever I add a template that is not the original episode template it always say that a certin eyebrow does not exist when it does is there a way to fix that?




Of course I figure it out right before you send this:roll_eyes:
Either way thank you very much


Thank you so much you are a life saver


No need to thank me. Just make sure you credit @Dara.Amarie’s Insta or however she wants credited!


Don’t worry I will;)