How Does My Art Look?


So this was my first time drawing an Episode character. I know that the line art needs to be cleaned up cause it’s a mess. But what would you rate it? ( first one is what i tried to copy )


your tracing is good

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Overall, it looks pretty similar with the original, however though maybe make the curves more natural (e.g., the hair is like square-ish).


love! :smile:

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For your first time it’s really good! :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think you did a good job, how did you do this? I wanna make m own cover art!

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Cute!! Also, it looks almost exactly like the original photo, which ig is what you’re trying to go for. :kissing_heart:

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Really nice!

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I used the app ibisPaint X! When you figure out how to do it, put a picture of your character on layer one. Change the opacity. After that, you can go to layer two and draw over it! If you need more help, I can give you a screen recording


you did really good!

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That’s really good! Did you use Ibis Paint X?

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i like it, it’s cute! <3 make sure to shade the neck just a little but darker, and also did you turn on the stabilizer? if so, how high did you turn it on?

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I don’t really know to use stabilizer yet since I just started. Do you just turn it up and then it works? I have no idea

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yeah, do you know where it is?

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Alright maybe use a stabilizer
Click to know how to use a stablilzer

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Wow thanks I can easily download it on my iPad, can you send me the screen recording? Did you use your hands too draw it or like an iPad pencil?


I do it with my hand! ( that’s probably why the line-art doesn’t look too good haha )By the way, do you have an Instagram that I can send the video to? It won’t work on here.


Yes my insta is nboval4 Also are you able to do this in limelight?