How does my art look? 🤔

So, I started drawing recently and I’m having a lot of fun finding my style!

How does this look? What can I improve on?

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  1. The hairline is pushed really forward and the part in the hair is not at a realistic angle

  2. There’s a line going from her nose to her eyebrow and i think you should erase it.

  3. Maybe make her nose more realistic.

  4. I think you should make the shading on her neck more realistic.


The line is a scar, I made it becaude tere was a smudge I couldn’t erase. If you look closely you can see she also has a blind eye because of it ^^ Thank you for the feedback, though!


I thought it was a scar but wasn’t sure because of the line you couldn’t erase. I understand now.


The drawing is cute, just pick up the darks :relieved:

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Depending on the style, which art style are you doing? I know it’s cartoon but can you expand? Maybe that can help me review it better

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The face shape is nice and the ear looks a lot better than anything I could ever come up with - but one thing that I learnt changed my life is that eyes are usually always in the centre of the head and lined up with the ears. If you look in the mirror, you might see it too (because I did and I was shook) Her blind eye just seems a little high for the face and the direction she is facing (based on the absence of her other ear, I assume she is facing my left.)

Do you use sketch lines to determine where to put all the features? Or do you just go by face shape?

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Feedback: I noticed something that @Kbail mentioned which is the hairline has been pushed very far forward which I 100% agree. Maybe try moving this up along with properly aligning the hairline as this can make a huge difference.

The face shape appears sticky and you should most likely moe the curve representing the eyes down. Along with that maybe have less of a curve as this isn’t as necessary.

When it comes to the outline itself remember to make it feel and look real. To do this you may want to use harsher lines that are cleaner and kindly put together. \

There’s tons of more advice I could give you, but alas I feel this is actually really good. I definitely recommend working on the positions of the body maybe try watching some videos about it as this can and will be very helpful now and in future refrence.


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