How does my cover art look? any feedback is welcome!

Hi! I have been working on trying to make authentic cover art I want It to look super cook and well done like the others I seen on the app they are beautiful! I wanted an opinion on mine! How does it look? should I change or add anything to it? (It will be cropped of course).


It is gorgeous! Only thing to work on is body proportions, which is something I as an artist struggle with immensely. But it’s all a learning process!! Amazing job!! If you ever want more art done I can also give some help !!

Thank You! yes proportions are tough. This one especially was hard bc my apple pencil was not working so I had to do this with my finger. Thanks for your input I appreciate it!!

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Amazingly done! Couldn’t have done it with my finger :smiling_face_with_tear:

haha trust me I was ready to give up thanks


Honestly, I think that your cover looks beautiful :slight_smile: .

thank you so much! still a lil unsure about it but this will be getting used haha