How does my edit look?


Well here it is:

I know it sucks AND it isn’t finished yet so don’t say why isn’t it blended or those kinda things and pls be honest about it


The shape of the body is good but the head is too small though.
The dress has too much patterns(my opinion. I like plain patterns)


Hello! R ya new to art? If yes, then ya might wanna start at tracing things


I’m way too new, is tracing supposed to helped with crooks?


Yes it is. It helps with proportions. Also, I recommend turning on the stabilizer, which helps the lines be straighter. If you want a more in depth review, pm me, but it looks really good so far!


I don’t use Ibis paint, I use sketch


Oh ok! My bad lol


I admire and love your artworks, Cass (if calling that is OK with you)


Thank you! And yeah, that’s fine, everyone calls me that


I think the way you drew the arms is quite nice actually. As mentioned by the other artists getting proportions always is helpful. One thing I may suggest for the dress is trying to find the right colour scheme as well as what mood or emotion you want to display. (As cliche as that may sound it really does help when you draw outfits). Right now the outfit has multiple colours and patterns its hard to distinguish what exactly you are trying to display. I can tell from the belt and the use of reds and pinks you might’ve been trying to display love, but with all the different patters and colours it was hard to tell exactly what is was. (Love that concept btw!) Maybe having the entire dress use shades of reds and pinks with a simple pattern may help establish the concept you are going for!

Best of luck!


I left that one quite a while ago, this is the new oneIm working on: