How does my story sound? Does it sound OK?

Hello! My name is Addi. I was wondering for some feedback. In all my stories I try to add diversity and LBGT+. Each chapter you view as a different character. One is Lesbian, one is straight, and the other one is Bisexual. A character, later on, will be transgender. This book has 3 white triplets, but later on, in the book, they meet 3 black triplets, (Which is not stated, I don’t say in the description "You meet black triplets, lol) But those triplets will be main characters too. It is about triplets who can fly and time travel but later realize 3 other people which are also triplets have different abilities. They all become a team and work to stop terrorists. The book is called: Trio Of Travelers. Would you read this book? They also meet Muslims, and aisans. When they build the team up. Am I keeping it diverse enough? Or do I need more? Or am I going over the top?

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Sorry girly!

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I think it sounds pretty good!

Sounds great, but good luck on writing that. Sounds like A LOT of work hhah! I will definitely read it! XO

I am almost done! I am putting all my effort into it.


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And tysm, for saying you will read it. :smiley:

Love the diversity! Most stories don’t have that. Good luck writing!

Your welcome. I think its a great ideal its different and I well check it out!

Haha Could you send the link? That would be WAAYY easier :wink: xo


It is not done, but I will when it is done! :smiley:


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np :smile:

Have wrote anything? If you have, I will check it out!

I am working on something currently! It’s called Wanted, it’s not finished though. :sweat_smile:

Okay!!! I will read it when it is finished! Just PM when it is done!

Thanks! I’ll check out yours when it’s finished, too.