How does my story sound?

I’m writing a story called

Living with a Prince
Its about a girl named Naomi. Eli, The Prince, has to move in with her because the kingdom was attacked, I’m still wondering if I want their to be a love connection, (They are both out of college in their 20’s) Later in the story I’m gonna have the person that took over the kingdom to find Eli and take Naomi (Thinking that its his wife) To try to force Eli into giving him the Kingdom, While Naomi is taken shes gonna meet Tina, The evil person’s daughter and Tina’s gonna help her

Pretty good :blush: I would read that story, if that helps :grin:

I would say to not make so many cheesy love scenes, because lots of stories that are Kingdom Fantasy usually tend to have many of those. That would make it sound cliché, so you could add the option for there to be a romantic connection between them, however, don’t speed their relationship so fast like other authors do. What I mean is to not make their relationship too rushed. Make them slowly develop feelings for each other if you want there to be a romantic connection. Hope I could help :purple_heart:

It seems nice and I don’t think there is any similiar story like this one :slight_smile:

I’m not much of a romance Writer XD and plus in the beginning you cnt really tell, I hate the stories where it grows too quick, He will realise while saving her, that he likes her, but he will confess later on

That can be a good :grin: Like so many romance writers make EVERYTHING about romance, it’s better if it’s rarely there, cuz in real life, love isn’t there all the time lol :blue_heart:

That’s amazing :heart_eyes: I really like it when they confess wayyy after. I don’t really like stories where everything seems too fast or perfect. Plz send me the link when you publish it :grin: I’d love to read it :blue_heart:

Thanks :smiley:

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