How does one speed up the process of making episodes?

After a little bit more than a two week vacation, I’m finally back. And, while I will be a bit busy a couple days this week, I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing episodes. But the one thing I dread is the amount of time it takes to write everything in the script, directing, you name it. My current process works for me, but I can’t help but feel that it’s taking me longer than it should take.

Being that I’m not as experienced as other writers on here, I wanted to seek out some help and advice, and see if anyone knew how to speed up the scripting process. Do you have any little things you do to make it faster?

While I know that writing stories requires a lot of time, energy, and dedication (all of which I’m willing to sacrifice for my story), I still do wish to find ways to make the process faster. So, again, any advice helps. Thanks, y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


I usually plot the entire story out in advance so I don’t have to worry as much about getting stuck on ideas while writing. The more thoroughly it’s plotted out beforehand, the easier the writing itself will be. As long as you’re not writing in Classic, the character randomizer can save time (though you may still need to make adjustments because it can produce some weird combinations). There are also a few users in the Instagram community (and probably in the forums if you check out the directing tips subforum) who have Google Docs set up with script templates to make spot directing and zooms easier.

As far as the writing itself is concerned, forcing yourself to focus usually helps when it’s possible. Find a quiet place, close every other tab on your web browser, and shut out the world until you’re done writing for the day. Sometimes that’s the only way I get anything done, since small distractions can eat up a lot of writing time.


I generally have the plot thought out for the episode, but have the more minor details in the overall picture (like dialogue) not as thought out. I have the scenes in mind and the general way the dialogue will flow in my head in some general sense. I also do have templates I’ve made for specific directing things on a doc on my computer, so I do have that all nailed down. I suppose it is difficult, as my schedule isn’t really consistent right now, and sometimes having the time, and furthermore, the energy to do it is the hard part. And being that I am only on the second episode, and need the three complete ones to post it, it seems like somewhat of a daunting task, thinking I need more just to post it. Maybe more so is that there is a sense of pressure as well. While conversing on the forum, I’ve garnered the interest of some users in my story, and that in term made me nervous, which created the “pressure” I feel. Anyway, I’m glad to see I’m doing some things right, according to what you pointed out. So thank you for that. I’ll still keep this in mind for the future as I continue to write :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I copy and paste the directing from similar scenes in previous episodes and then just tweak it accordingly and change the dialogue

But it’s nice cause I don’t have to redo layering and height for the same room.

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How do you write faster and do advanced directing at the same time? Any tips?

oh I didn’t notice lol thanks!