How does "overall genre" work?

I always assumed that having a high “genre rank” would mean a high “overall genre” rank, but it seems like it doesn’t work like that. So, does anyone know what’s the criteria that pushes you forward the “overall genre”? I’m curious…

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My understanding is that the genre rank is where your story trends in relations to other stories in that specific genre. Whereas the overall rank is where your story trends in relation to all stories on the app regardless of genre.


That’s how I understand it too, but wouldn’t a story trending high in genre (say 3th place) trend high in the overall genre? Yesterday, a story of mine was 4th in genre, but was 107 in overall rank. I wonder if reads matter more than another criteria…

Thanks for your answer though, that was just me being a little curious with how all of this work ahah

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Depends on the genre, some are more popular than others. Someone who trends high in say Thriller probably isn’t going to trend high overall simply because it’s easier to trend higher in genres with less competition. Whereas trending high in Romance will probably lead to a higher overall rank because that’s such a competitive category. This is why there are plenty of people who intentionally put their stories in the wrong genre. They know they have more chance of being seen by trending higher in less competitive genres, even if it is in the absolutely wrong one.


I see, that makes sense! thanks for taking the time to answer :smiling_face:


No prob, glad I could help. :grin: