How does templates works? CLOSED

I’m new to writing and i would love your help , i would like to know how does templates works and other stuffs on the writers portal.


a template is coding that someone has already created, you usually copy and paste these into your story for them to work, some of them require you to either change character names or upload overlays, creators normally mention this at the start of the coding to explain what you need to upload or change.

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Ohh okay thank you for your help

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I hope that makes sense I am happy to help if not

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Yes it does , I got one more question how do u blur your password in an art shop

like this? people can still click t to see it


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Yes like that

Yea like how they get it to blur

ok so what I do is write whatever it it you want to blur.
Highlight what you want to blur and then click on the cog icon (next to the calendar.)
a drop down menu will appear click on blur spoiler.
it should look like this (without the X’s)

Your text here

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Okay thanksThis text will be blurred

Thank you

I did it thank you so much for your help

no problem :slight_smile:

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There is also another mini game to be added in yet


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