How does the New User Stories Shelf pick out its stories?

Is it just the stories that have been published or had a new chapter published within the last day? Or do they pick randomly?

I’m wondering, if I write out a lot of chapters, and then publish one a day (after the first 3), would it mean that my story would be on that New User Shelf every day that I publish a new chapter?


When I first published my story, I did not see it appear on the New User Shelf, and I assume based on the varying number of reads on the stories that were there, not all of them were published that day. My guess is that it’s random.

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I think it’s random too.
Lol last week I had the story “Liplock” on there which is complete with 60+ episodes and I believe has over 6 million reads :rofl:. It’s not new.

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If I write out a lot of chapters, is it better to just publish them all at once? Or should I start with publishing 3 and then publish the other ones every so often?

Different readers like different things. I personally would rather have all of the chapters published at once so I can binge-read the story. In terms of promotion, you might be better off releasing chapters regularly so you can create more posts and grow a following.