How does this art looks?


lol, I literally just started and I would love to get some feedback for it.

(I used ibis paint).


you should join a art group they can help you out so far so good


thanks so much love! any any groups you recommend for me?


I have an art group I be happy to let you in


thank you! now, lol what is exactly a art group?


my art group write stories and do art we help people that need help improving and other stuff


sounds great!


Even though it’s not finished, I think it looks amazing! You are a very good artist!


thank you so much love!


that’s amazing!


thank ya so much hun!


she has better hair than i do lmao :sweat: you’re very talented!


thank you! and lmao same.


Its really good! The nose looks kind of funny, but otherwise its :+1:


the final income. ima try more tomorrow.


thanks! lmao, ik it looks crooked I fixed it. it’s not the best but im learning. :slight_smile:


Wow this is great! :scream: The finished product came out nicely.


thanks so much love! really appreciate your comment!


heres the link to the group chat]

and amazing


It’s already beautiful and you haven’t even finished, yet! Awesome work!