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The disaster

It’s the year 1800, in an Alternate universe, where the 1800s
have the ability to have space travel, some people live
underground, and have found ways to breath under water, the
races are kind to each other and etc.

One day, an Alien that lived on mars was doing the solar
system patrol, he did it yearly to make sure everything was
But one day, on Friday, the world ended.
The ships crashed into earth, causing mass devastation on the
alien Capton Christian Marter making sure the solar system was
safe, but one of the machines broke.
In a ship was kept the global proprietor, a machine that kept
ships from crashing.
But, it was broken the day that his hand got stuck
in a wire, most wires they had on their planet was huge but
they were only for ships, they weren’t that advanced in another places on their planet and it was more like a COMMUNE for most places, in other words, on their planet, they had third-world countries.

He was electrocuted, and because the electricity wasn’t going
to the main-proprietor, which powered the global proprietor,
the global proprietor broke and the ships crashed and sent out
shock waves that killed many people, chemicals and shock waves that destroyed earth’s resources and etc…

IT would take 1 month for the ships to crash on earth.

“959,519 people died that Friday but it began with one man.”

He was trying to make sure the little wires in the huge wire
were not broken, he saw one wire out of place, tangled and
wrapped around another and stuck his hand in to fix it, but he
forgot to call off the mission and turn off the global
proprietor, then his hand got tangled in the wires themselves, he was immune to electricity, and the aliens can kill themselves at will or die of old age, the devastation was awful.
The Capton told people on earth to leave, as he tried to stop
it, but he failed.

(Some) People in Houston, London, and Manchester and many other
countries were saved, but not all.
Manchester had been without water since it happened. FOR 28

“Due to the mass destruction of the trees in Houston, Houston
had been without oxygen since Friday. All because of the alien
space ships that crashed.”

They don’t have the ability to go to another alternate
universe, or another planet. While the aliens were able to
breath on earth, humans couldn’t breath on mars and other
planets were nonviable due to distance and living conditions.
most of the Aliens went crazy with guilt, few actually were
mentally paralyzed, meaning they had consciousness, emotions,
etc, but they were so scarred by the crash and the devastation
it had, especially since some had family and friends on earth
they liked to visit that died, they’re minds wouldn’t allow
them to speak or move.

The devastation happened within seconds, oxygen in some places, like Houston, was blocked by chemicals that was only supposed to keep things in the ship from rotting when it was on earth (because the ship’s inner parts weren’t tolerant to earth’s atmosphere. The outside had a filter to protect the inside as well in case something happened, but they didn’t know that earth’s atmosphere would destroy the inner metal, the first layer of metal, from their planet, they used it to keep the the gasses that would block oxygen from getting out and another layer to hold it all together, which was immune to earth’s atmosphere but wasn’t indestructible like the capton thought it was, and it didn’t work.)

The trees were destroyed in Houston, Alabama, and Florida.

Some parts of land were infertile, the only truly safe place was Israel, the holy place. (Which, in the story, was blessed by God.)

60% of food in America was contaminated, and needed to be imported from safe places like:
Israel, Egypt, China, and Japan.

one Alien didn’t go crazy, and hunted the capton for killing his daughter by accident due to the crashes,
He had a human wife, a hybrid daughter who had to live on earth because human and Hypatis (The alien species name) hybrids were only able to breath earth’s atmosphere.
She was 7 when she died. He was living on earth for seven years, as his wife died giving birth, he loved her, his wife and child.

The aliens were immune to the blasts that came from their ships.

There are over 7 billion people on earth, so a lot of people lived.

The Alien women also have litters, they gave birth to up to 60 5 inch tall babies.

That’s a lot of babies.

50% of the hybrid babies died.

50% of the human children died due to weaker bodies than others.

10% of elders, due to hidden diseases they had that saved them from the blast’s effects and where they lived (most lived above ground) lived.

90% died.

The caption has the option to end himself, if he doesn’t, he can save the world, and in a much sooner time, and save babies.

If he does, which meant you pick the option to end him, you can still save the world but 3000 babies die and it takes longer to save the world.

This is because he is the capton and has a lot more resources available to him that he doesn’t know about.

Babies in the womb lived due to their mothers taking most of the beating and aliens cutting them out to save the legacy of mothers who died, as 100% of babies in the womb on earth in this universe were 7-9 months in age, due to God’s blessing.

90% of babies in the womb came out with mutations that caused them to have extra abilities due to the blast.
most of it was extra arms and legs. and toes, heads (alien human hybrid heads and human ones as they caused conjoined twins) , fingers, etc. About 70%, 30% of it was actual powers. Americans, Europeans, Arabs outside of Egypt would move to other unknown lands and to the mostly unaffected countries. Pakistanis left Pakistan to Israel.

Filipinos left their home to live else where, native-Americans and etc. left America for good to find places with more food. The reserves were destroyed and they had to leave, America was a 40% hazard high living place and they were afraid to live there. This broke their hearts. But, they all lived!

Germany was 60% hazardous. They HAD to leave immediately.

In the game you would be able to save some people, live through the harshest situations, lose lose situations, win wins, win lose, etc. situations are gonna sprawled in this game.

You have the ability to fix the earth, the earth never ends entirely, it lives, but if you lose, it stays this way forever.

If you win, you restore the earth back it’s former glory, nobody moves back to their homelands but a few (about 10%)
The main character you play as, if dead, you lose the game.
You also don’t have to die to lose, you make the wrong choices, lose resources or don’t use them or just don’t find them, you lose.

To win, you’d have to:
If you let the capton live, find the capton and work on saving the earth (50% percent chance of winning)

If the capton is dead:
You have to find the solution with others who worked in the ship.
(50% chance of winning, I think)

How you win or if you win is dependent on your choices in the game.

So many other things went wrong:

When Humans found out the ships crashing was an accident was when Christian told them to run and leave the planet or at least go far away. He tried to send out ships but it failed, the main-proprietor, which controlled the ships across the alien’s home planet globe and made it the way that they could communicate to those ships, was broken.

He was like: DO NOT KILL YOURSELVES, IT WILL MAKE YOU DIE SOONER, THERE ARE AT LEAST 300 places on the OTHER SIDE OF THE EARTH. GO THERE. WE HAVE EJECTED 100 hundred portals all over the earth, they are all over 100 feet tall! (About 170 feet tall) The portals will close in 1 month, please run!

So many things went wrong that day.

The earth in this story is bigger than every country we know of together as a whole in the mainlands, like, in this story, china is not on the other side of the world. 400 islands are. China is just our neighbors. People do believe a lot of the earth is water but in the story’s reality, it’s on a “As far as the little humans think” sense.

It all went down on Friday. I plan on putting the song “Friday” and “Last Friday night” on those scenes but slowed down with a lower volume and pitch, too.

All electricity stayed on, tho! but 10% of people died from over electricity made by the blast, which caused the machines to overflow with electricity and kill 10% of the people that died.


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