How does this look: Part One

I’m just going to be direct, I made this myself, it took me a while…and this is my first time doing this type of art, so…yeah. It’s like I drew all the face shapes, and the neck, but I had to add part of the eyes in and stuff and part of the hair. It sounds confusing, so I’ll shut up about that now.
How does this look? xd
(Don’t be afraid to give me harsh criticism, lmao.)


It looks great actually
Don’t give up!
Also, why is she crying?


It looks amazing for a first try! But if you want some advice, I would make that black pircing by her nose a little more smaller because it kinda looks off :hugs: But otherwise, keep it up!:smiley:

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Thanks everyone!

The art is absolutely fantastic! It looks very real, and great job! But I think the tears and the nose piercing could be made a little more realistic. Other than that, it’s an awesome piece of work!