How does this look: Part Three

Top one is without the editing stuff, and the bottom one is the cover I’m using for my future Wattpad story: Locked In.

How does it look? It’s my first time doing that stuff! xd
(I need as much opinions as possible.)

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Yay, aight! What can be improved?


LOL, I knew you’d say that about the shirt, I need help on the shading because I don’t really know how to do it…:grimacing:

Also, I didn’t intend on adding face contour, but mm, I’ll think about that as I do a couple more of these! :smiley:

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I think it’s great, but what would make it better is a better font for the words because it’s kind of bland, sorry if that’s rude :grimacing:

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Yeah, I actually changed it to this:

Nah, it’s not rude, you’re just honest, which is what I want, lol. xd


looks good!

Cute!! The shoulders could maybe be lowered and broadened just a little bit? It may help make her look more realistic. :kissing_heart: