How does this looks?

Hey guys!!
I want to how the picture (below) looks it is my first edit…I know I could have used episode character but I had this drawing (By hand) in my drawing notebook so I just thought that why not try out upon this so, I want to know how does this looks…
Please be honest its my first one so yeah there is meant to be mistakes but Tell me how this looks…And any suggestion on how can I improve this…
Thank you…:blush::blush:
Here’s the edit-


Moved to Share Feedback section. And I think it looks great! :v:t2:

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Thank you.:blush::blush:

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This drawing looks really good and you drew this yourself! Do you have more drawings you have made? :scream: I would say if you want some advice is to add shadows to the clothing, hair, etc. to add more depth to your edit.

I just noticed she was holding a crescent moon.

Yeah I wanted to add shadows but I couldn’t seem to find that option…
Or should I say where I should add these…
That’s why I didn’t add any…
Thanks for your advice I will add them to it…:blush::blush:

Oooh, I understand. What app do you use, maybe I can help?

I use Ibis Paint X.

Yeah I have two more drawing that I’m proud of…

Okay Thank you…
I will try that…:blush::smiley:

It looks great, wow :grin:

Weren’t you in the PMs just a minute ago…:joy::joy:

Yes, I came here from the PM haha :joy:

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It’s actually really good for a beginner. For anyone, as well. My first edit was, well, uh a disaster… But this is really good! :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you…

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