How does this story description sound?

" After getting saved from an unexpected fire that burned alive her whole family, she goes on a hunt to find out who caused the fire while finding her savior along the way."

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That sound so good! Honestly now, most story descriptions sound familiar it gets a bit boring. But I haven’t read one similar to this. So, go ahead this sound great👍


awe thanks and yes i know i was trying to switch things up a bit and be more original.

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It’s great sweetie :kissing_closed_eyes:

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awe thank you!

Idk if episode will flag it because of the “burnt alive”
I like it though

thanks for the tip, i’ll try to say something else.

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“After being rescued from an unexpected fire, you are left without a family. Will you find the culprit or will you find your savior along the way?”

idk but that’s an idea!

Your story sounds awesome let me know when you release it!

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