How Does This Story Idea Sound?

So, I got inspired to write a story about a girl with cancer. Here is basically a form(?) about the story, if you want more information, ask. Don’t be afraid to give feedback. I don’t bite… or do I?


  • Sweet Dreams


  • Lissiebeth


  • Drama (I’m not sure if this is the right genre, feel free to correct me. The story is meant to be emotional, touch the reader in a soft spot they didn’t even know they had. That last part sounds bad. That’s why I put it in the drama category.)

Plot of the story:

  • Courtney Rivers is diagnosed with Leukemia, also known as blood cancer. The story is about her struggle to fight her cancer, how her family and friends feel around her, and how she feels.


  • Limelight


  • I need help on a description.
  • I had a friend with Leukemia (She survived :slight_smile: ) and this is kind of what inspired me.
  • I’m thinking about making this have two seasons, but it might not happen; you never know.

So… yeah… What do you think? Any suggestions? Any questions? Well, there’s a way to reply to this thread for a reason. Go ahead and ask, I’ll answer them the best I can.


Very good story idea but careful. May never know someone may take your idea. I love this idea.

Thank you for your feedback. And your warning lol.

First off, I’m the only one who can properly write my idea. Other people wouldn’t write it the way I imagine it, and the characters and their personalities are literally unknown at this point. Second of all, I don’t mind if people get inspired and write about a person with cancer, because they merely got inspired. If they copied the character and their backstory, it’d be a different story.

Again, thank you for the idea feedback, it means a lot to me.

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Oh i didnt see tht part. Lol. I just started typing without reading it lol.