How does this work? Please help!



So I’m writing a story and I’m really confused so when I’m doing “@pan to zone 1” how does that work? Do I put “@pan to zone 1” and then the room beside it or?


I’m not quite sure what you are asking. You use pans to do a sliding transition from one zone in your background to another. So say you are in zone 3 and want to change to zone 1 moving through the zone rather than jumping to it. There you would use @pan to zone 1 to move the screen to zone 1. This will only move to a scene within the background you are using.


I didn’t know that there were more than 1 zone but what I’m wondering is when you’re doing a zone do you put the room beside it? like this “@pan to zone 1 - INT. PHILADELPHIA BEDROOM - DAY” or do you put the room underneathe the “@pan to zone 1”
what are all the zones? I’m new to all of this so I’m slightly confused. :confused:


You don’t need to pan to zone 1 if you’re already in it (it’s the default zone).


These are zones:

I’m highly advising you to read Beginner Directing Guide first.
Hope this helps!


ohh Oh my word I’m starting to understand what you mean, thank you.


ohh okay thanks


It’s really well explained in the guides :slight_smile: have a read :slight_smile:


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