How du I unchange hair and make-up?

So I’ve made the dressing-game and the reader can also choose hair and makeup. That’s all fine.

But the changes are supposed to be for only half of a chapter then the mc should go back to being her old boring self.

But how do I change her back, without making it a choice? I know how to change the clothes, but I can’t figure out how to change hair and makeup back…

same way as you changed it in the first place.

Thanks, but I changed it, by letting the reader choose it…

sorry no other way.

Oh… That was not the answer, that I hoped for…
But thank you anyway :relaxed:

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Is your character customisable? If not. You can just change their look to whatever you want
@CHAR changes hair into
@CHAR changes mouthColor into

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Thank you :slight_smile:

You can do it even if MC is customisable by creating a “base” character.
After the customisation script, put “@BASE becomes YOU” or whatever
Whenever you want to reset the character to their default customised look, put “@YOU becomes BASE”

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Thank you :heart:

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