How exactly does a story get popular?


What makes a story “explode” in the trending section? I know a lot of stories that get reads because famous authors recommend it or the people are friends of famous authors and have connections but what about if you’re starting from scratch? Not everyone has the luxury of other authors promoting your story so how does a story get noticed and trending just by the story alone? I’m really curious because it seems like theres an uphill battle for new authors.


Luck and visual appeal of your story? What your cover looks like, title and description. Updating regularly and promoting on social media. I mean it’s anyone’s guess but this is what I assume. I have been updating my story every week for like 4 months now. I was at a steady 1-2k for trending rank for a long time.

About a week or 2 ago I got a new cover and switched genres. Since then I’ve had an insane gain of reads and my trending rank kept getting lower and lower. 4 days ago I finally hit 10k reads and was super shocked and excited. Right now I’m at about 16.4k reads and trending rank is 140. It was all luck because I really haven’t done anything different.


what genre did you switch to if you don’t mind me asking?


I originally had it in the romance section but switched to drama. While romance is a part of the story I realized just how much drama was in the story and felt it was a better fit.


Do you think social media was a benefiting factor to your success in reads? Congratulations by the way! :clap:


Thanks :grin:. I think it definitely helped in the long run, I didn’t see a huge increase at first but when I made my Instagram like 2 months ago I had maybe 800 reads. I post regularly (1-2 times a week) with sneak peeks and posts so people know when I update. The reads were slowly trickling in since I started the account.


Ooh okay, thanks for the answer. :nerd_face:


First of all, social media.

With social media you’ll be presenting other people your story that would never know it existed if you hadn’t creat like an instagram account, if you keep updating with sneak peeks and the release dates of new chapters, you’ll gain readers more easily, even if it takes a long while.

Like @Rune.episode said, the genre of you story as a massive influence, and it’s kind of easy to figure. The main genre in episode is romance, there are way more stories in that genre than in any other. If you pay attention, the first 50 stories in that romance probably have above 10k reads. In action, fantasy and the others within the first 50 you’ll find a few with not even 400! :stuck_out_tongue: so it’s easier to get noticed in those ones.

Tying to post on these forums and make friends within the community also helps, just like a catchy cover and a intriguing description. :stuck_out_tongue: hope it helped