How far are you in your story?

so… ur story’s link ??

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I’m on epsiode 2 and going to 3 but I’ve got a bit bored so I’m waiting for something to spark

9th episode :joy: (taking forever to do though)

Here it is , I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Here’s my story
Title : I’m not scared
Author : Lynxx
Genre : Drama (Romance & College)
Style : Limelight

Suddenly all your ex-crush/lovers is going in the same school. Would you survive your school year & focus on your career or you’ll just end up with a broken dream & a broken heart?

I just published chapter 4 yesterday!

kay,I’ll read it

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I was on the 15th chapter but my story was super bad so I decided to revamp it. Am currently on chapter 6. Been working on chap 7 for over a month now lol #ProcrastinationNation

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just finished the first scene on episode one, gonna hit the dab bc im really excited :star_struck:

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I am on my first episode for like months now…lol. I just keep changing things in the story and try to be as perfect as possible. But I procrastinate too much!

I am on episode 1, 30 lines…and I started a year and a half ago :sneezing_face:

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I’m finishing up my 1st ever episode on Episode lol. (i’ll be adding things like sound later)

it’s for the contest so I started about 2 weeks ago.

i’m actually really happy because ive been procrastinating on starting episode stories for 2 years now. I guess the deadline I have is really making me push my limits lol

That is super cool!

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Any critic?

I didn’t read it yet ,I’ll read it after sometime ,I’LL give u my opinion before 4pm ,Is that okay ??

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Sure thanks alot :raised_hands:t2::slight_smile:

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I’ve finished writing + coding all 3 chapters of my story! Now I have to refine every chapter, and add things, take out things, clean things,wait for the covers ect.

I’m really excited to publish it :slight_smile:

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