How far can I go in narrations?

I know and I won’t obviously do narrations such as in IVY app. I just haven’t read any episode stories for a year and I was busy with my own story but now I need a narration for a romantic scene which will lead to the physical contact. I really need to know where the „line“ is😅

I personally don’t like too much narration in a heated romantic scene as I think too much narration can lead to it sounding rather cringey and creepy.
I think that if you do narrate a little, but not too much, it has a beautiful effect on the scene.
Good luck!
(Maybe 5 narration bubbles from each character partaking in that scene, e.g, (5 lines from the male, 55 lines from the female and vice versa if it is a lbgtq+ story)

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So I want to add a narration of both characters but like I said I don’t want to go overboard and yes I agree that I have to keep it short and not super long

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