HOW? Going back to a choice? SOLVED! ^_^


Heyyyyyy <3

You know how sometimes in an Episode story you change into some outfits and you can go back to “re-consider” about this specific outfit… like you can change into different outfits in the choices…

(going back to a choice and re-choosing, I mean)

Mind if anyone shares dah script of dis??

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Labels, hun

Have a label named dressinggame or whatever you want

label dressinggame

Then after you add in your choices and change the character in the outfits, have a goto command to send them back to the beginning of the dressing game.

goto dressinggame

To put the extra effort in, you can have the goto command within a choice. So after each outfit option, have another choice for if the reader wants to go back or if they want to stay in that outfit. If they want to change, goto dressinggame, if they want to wear that outfit, have a label at the end of the dressing game. So if you named the ending label dressinggameend, it would be…

goto dressinggame end


Hey! Sorry to bother you because I’m new to Episode… Where do you write dis label thingy?

Also thanks so much for ya help!! <3


Oh, all good. It will generally look like this in your script…

label dressinggame
What do you want to wear?
choice “option 1” {
blah blah blah
goto dressinggame
} “option 2” {
blah blah blah
goto dressinggame
} “option 3” {
blah blah blah
goto dressinggame
} “done” {
goto end

label end

continue on with your story here.

There are other ways to word it, but that’s probably the best way for beginning


OMG thanks SO much!! <3 <3 <3
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Hahaha, thanks, Good luck!