How hard is it to get a story banned?

Omg, I loved that story and was mad as heck when it was banned because it really was a good story. I remember others asking me what happened to the story and I searched everywhere only to find out it was banned. I agree the same mature contents that were featured in Pregnant And Poor are the same type of scenes featured in popular and trending stories on episode. So that’s my point I was making about my friend’s story which was banned. I mean I’m euphoric that my friend’s story is back on episode but it’s still discouraging to other authors who endure the same type of dilemma. Some authors get discouraged and wind up not writing anymore due to episode banning certain authors yet, supporting or featuring the same stories which have the same type of content. I wish the author didn’t give up writing but at the same time, I understand how the author felt. It can be discouraging at times.


I highly doubt she’s that stupid? Or is raping someone considered normal?


Okay, I’ve had moments where I have no idea what the hell to write, but not once have I ever thought about writing a story where my MC falls in love with her rapist… that’s not even a “bad” idea, it’s just straight up repugnant and insensitive and insulting to people who have dealt with it in real life. There’s no excuse.

I don’t even know what to say. We’re talking about sexual assault here. RAPE. Why wouldn’t people find it abhorrent and disgusting? How is that dumb?

Even if NL didn’t know what she was writing, which is HIGHLY improbable because you don’t just accidentally write rape/sexual assault scenes, I don’t think that’s a secure enough reason to give her a free pass…


Devolving to writing inappropriate content because you can’t think of literally anything else to write is probably a sign that you should put down the pen for good.
Also, in response to what you said about the readers not even knowing that what they’re reading is wrong, THAT’S THE POINT. That’s why we’re upset! Because impressionable young readers are going to grow up thinking these kinds of toxic, abusive relationships are okay and normal and healthy when they are decidedly not!

In sum, to answer the question at hand, the level of difficulty of getting your story banned seems to depend on your “clout.” But that’s just my subjective opinion on it (which I’m 100% allowed to express🙃).


@goth.gaia @luciaricci completely agree with both of you, not much more to say that both of you already haven’t. I have a pretty big jones against people who write stories about things they’ve never experienced (therefore talking over people who actually have, which deflects the “but I’m just trying to represent a taboo subject!” argument pretty quickly.") which was a huge part of why noob loop in of itself is so disgusting to me, so why there are people who try to defend the story or just do anything that isn’t actively jumping on the author’s case is a mystery to me.