How Healthy Are You : Staying active during this pandemic!

First I thought about what parts of my body I wanted to focus on,
My stomach was the worst from all the eating, and my arms and legs got kinda flabby, and I wanted a nice butt, lol but that could wait
So 4 days out of the week I did different workouts for 5 minutes I slowly progressed adding more time to my workouts and less rest days
I mostly do planking, (so hard at first), bicycle crunches, wall pushups and normal push ups, jumping jacks, squats, stuff like that

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Jimmeny Cricket :cricket:!!! I literally need to do all of those things… ( planks are low- key hard af!!! )

I am probably going to actively start doing all of the things you listed soon consistently. But there is one thing that I absolutely HATE doing… and that’s burpees!!! shudders


When I first wake up in the morning I do a morning warm up workout that’s only 5 minutes long, then I drink plenty of water throughout the day but my job is also a lot of physical labor when I get home I spend another 5 minutes working out, and then a little workout before bed
I even bought myself one of those sweatsuits. It works so well
The only important thing is to not get discouraged or see it as a chore

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You’re absolutely right about that. Currently I walk for about a mile and a half and do yoga :woman_in_lotus_position:t5: for about 30 minutes. It’s pretty great. I just have to do it at least 4 times a week.