How high are your standards for episode stories?

Like, what does it take for you to stop reading? Or to keep reading? Or to even consider reading it?


Books or episode?


Episode stories


Oh there really not that bad in my opinion as long as there is a good plot, at least decent directing, good pace (not really rushed but not really dragged along and slow), and it’s grammar is decent enough for me to read then I’m all good but I have low standards


For me the grammar has to be very good, if not decent. I also like the directing to be well thought through and proofread for glitches, and for scenes not to be long and dragged out. First episodes that are way too long put me off entirely. I like good description/narration in a story and small details that make you go ‘oooh that’s cool’, like a fancy overlay or small animations that make it feel more like a movie. But there is one decider. I don’t like story descriptions that sound cliché or very similar to many other descriptions for other stories. And a plotline always has to be well thought through with depth and originality (hence my dislike of clichés)
So yes, I’m a little bit picky on the stories that I really grow to love :joy:


the punctuation, and grammar has to be good. it should contain at least either a CC, a name CC, a choice to pick ur gender, or a choice to pick your LI’s gender (if u have a LI).
episodes that are not too long, like 20 mins to read one episode is way too much just for one episode. maybe just 5-10 minutes is enough.
it has to have a story, something captivating to the story to make the reader continuously keep reading it. like for example, one of the stories has 50+ episodes, but it’s so interesting that i’m still reading it and i’ve finished the 50+ episodes.
don’t drag your episodes! don’t add unnecessary things just so that you can extend the episode to be longer. each episode has to have a point, something that is supposed to happen in that very episode.
try to make the endings of episodes something like cliffhangers, so that the readers will be excited to continue reading it :heart:

i hope that helped :pleading_face:


Ngl, I’m picky lmao


I have a short attention span, so stories with supper long episodes make me quit. If the story has stupid gem choices like:
Your Crush is staring at you. What do you do?
20 :gem: : Wink at him
0 :gem:: yell at him

there are probably more that I cant think of right now.


true. i hate those gem choices so much. i’d never put gem choices in my story :sweat:


Adding one for the list, I saw a writer pay-wall customization so the reader had to pay to customize. If you dont want customization in your story, it’s fine. But I’m not paying to have a black MC in my story because of course the MC is originally white.


I hate the cliché bad boy alien or mafia werewolf (ughhh) stories, because they are all the same. I like the story with originality. You have make it unique, because I can’t deal with the usual MC is the “good girl” who then meets a mafia prince-type-thingy and now suddenly she’s a badass who shoots people for fun :expressionless: :expressionless: :nauseated_face:.
I also think grammar and punctuation are some of the things I look for most. The moment I see no full stops, capital letters in proper places, or just bad sentence structure, I exit the story immediately. I’m not going to waste my time wracking my brain trying to decipher a sentence that doesn’t make sense :rofl:.


Grammar has to be good. I can understand and handle some mistakes here and there but I mean when I can hardly understand what the heck is going on because I can’t understand what anyone is saying, that’s a big no.

For some reason I don’t really like stories where the characters are in high school :woman_shrugging:t2: Lol. I don’t know why, they just always seem to be the typical hs stories. Unless it’s a really good, unique, and interesting hs story I won’t read it.

I won’t read stories that have gem choices :expressionless: Granted, there are a lot of interesting sounding ones out there. I just dislike that the decisions you would want to pick, are the gem choices :roll_eyes: Not to mention how many gems they cost, for each choice and each episode. Wayyy too much. So, I read just community stories.

I only read completed stories. I’ve tried reading stories as they are being updated but didn’t like that because sometimes updates take forever (I understand creating these stories is time consuming so no shade on the authors) but just that by the time the updates come out, I usually forget what has happened and have to replay them :woman_facepalming:t2: Lol.

I also prefer to read Limelight stories. I just find that the characters look so much more realistic to me and it’s just what I prefer reading in.


Grammar and directing. It’s hard for me to get into stories when I get distracted by other things.


i love community stories


If the intro surpasses more than two minutes, I’m out.


Unfortunately for learning authors and coders, my standards are quite high.

I cannot commit to reading a story unless the plot and characters are well developed, there is diversity, good directing (doesn’t have to be highly advanced, just neat and nice on the eyes), great grammar and punctuation (unless in the case where the author’s first language is not English), etc.

I tend to exit a story that begins to look too cliche or has undertones of prejudice (i.e. basic bad boy trope, mafia, straight white cisgender cast).


I can’t really explain it, but all of my favourite stories have a certain element to them that just gives them that wow factor. For me, the dialogue has to make sense and flow, I’ve got to find it interesting, for one, if the grammar is terrible then it will take some real motivation for me to continue. Honestly, I just want to read a story where you can tell that the author really cares about it.

For even starting a story, I look at the description and sometimes the cover. An edit can look awesome for a cover, but some people take no care and pride in their work - drawn of edited. If the description has grammar errors, I usually won’t read it. It might sound picky, but if there are SPAG errors in the description, I don’t even want to know how many there are in the story itself. :eyes:


I honestly have no standards, Im just there for the directing lol :grimacing::point_right::point_left:

However, I do enjoy stories that talk abt physical/mental health/awareness, arranged marriages, age differences. (And NO kinky Student×Teacher isnt what Im talkin abt ew jail :skull:)

Like stuff that does actually challenge the MCs in someway :thinking:

Not just “AmAnDa THe SchOol BuLly anD HeR MiniOns CAlLed Me FoUr Eyes”


Lmaooo :handshake::running_woman:

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Girl honestly, imagine still crying over that and 99% of the time the MCs that cry over that bs are like 16+ :joy::skull:

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