How important are different outfits for different characters when you read a story?

When you read a story, is it important to you that in every episode everyone has a different outfit?
For example:
If you have a beach scene and you’ve chosen swimsuits for every character then is it important that in the next episode everyone is wearing a different swimsuit? Or don’t you mind that the characters wear the same swimsuit in every episode.

Personally I was thinking about giving every character two swimsuits and switch them every now and then in different episodes. I think that’s more realistic as I don’t own more than just a few swimsuits.

And what about other clothing items? I always like it when the main character has more than a few outfits to choose from.

So basically I am asking is it important that the characters in your story have more than just a few outfits and that you notice they change outfits in different episodes?


I think it’s very important to have different outfits for every character in your story, whether background or not. It’s just like in real life where people change clothes daily. If your MC and other main characters have different outfits and the story takes place over multiple days, all characters should have different outfits. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:


For me, it only matters if there is supposed to be a passage of time. If you’re trying to show the same scene, but on a different day, the easiest way is to have the characters in different outfits. I went through a lot of outfits in a time passage montage in mine, but a lot of those were costumes (I wanted to mark highlights of the passing of a year, so Halloween, Christmas, etc.). Otherwise, I’d say it doesn’t matter that much. It may even be easier to identify one character or another by their preferred clothing.