How important is choices?

I currently have a dilemma that I would love to get some opinions on. In a story that I’m writing I originally planned to have a lot of choices that would affect the way you reach the ending.

Example: In one scene you would choose what person you are trying to find, and the different branches would contain two completely different paths with different interactions.

This factor has caused me having to balance like 25 labels and write 5 different outcomes (I should add that I’m only at episode 2 also :grin:), and tbh all od this is exhausting and making me so unmotivated to write :slightly_frowning_face: I don’t know if all of the effort is “worth it”. I know episode is supposed to be interactive, but I know that I could include many other choices that would matter. I also feel like one of the branches is so much better and includes so much more stimulating content, how fun would it be as a reader to find out that the other choice contained so much more benefits? I would love some opinions on this, because I’m honestly quite lost and stuck regarding this. I’ll also insert a poll, so in case you are to lazy to write an answer I’d still much appreciate if you shared your opinion in the poll :wink:


  • I would NOT read a story without complex branches and different paths, it improves the reader experience a lot
  • I am okay with a story with fewer branches as long as there are other stimulating choices
  • I do not care for choices at all

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