How important is music in stories?

I’m writing a story and I’m wondering if I should put music or not. Personally I do not like music in stories, it kinda bores me, but I know people like it. How much do you think its important? And sounds?

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It’s not important for me as a reader, but as an author I feel like it’s something you kind of have to include in order for your story to feel complete 🤷 Not necessarily music, but sound effects like door knocks, car beeping, alarms, etc are what I’d personally consider the bare minimum that you should include. Not many people will quit your story if you don’t include any sound or music though


I personally like having some music in stories I read and also in my own stories. But I don’t mind not having music.

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I find it easier to add that than music

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I like it in some stories but normally no.
If you use it don’t make it excessive

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I normally listen Episode music in stories and add it in my stories, but it’s sooooo annoying to add it ://

And sometimes, as a reader, I the music doesn’t fit the scene and I get annoyed when I hear it

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Personally, I like adding music in every scene. It helps to set the feeling in each scene. For example, if the character is sad and talking about how sad they are, using sad music will help set the scene.It adds more emotion to a scene. Another example is if your story has a suspense scene or horror scene. Music that fits this description will complete the scene and leave readers on the edge of their seat. Have you ever watched a horror movie without the music right before a jump scare? It would completely miss the whole point of being a horror film. Not saying to add it every scene but adding it when emotion needs to be displayed, would be a good idea.


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